Back at it!

Back at it!
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Hello Subscribers!

I've been on an extended hiatus from this blog/newsletter due to a number of reasons, job stuff, life stuff, personal project stuff, but now thats out of the way i'll be back regularly posting here about all things related (and tangental to) Leadership, Technology, Strategy, Coaching, and more.

In parallel i'll also be working on producing a handful of products/services over the next few months. If these are of interest please feel free to register your interest via the links below, (this will actually help me prioritise which one i focus on first!).

  1. Technology Leadership Guide, this will be a punchy and actionable book pulling together my reflections and experience of being a leader within technology. I hope this to be a useful source of learning, reflection and ideas around what it means to be a technology leader witin any organisation.
  2. The How to IT Strategy course, this course is focused on how to help you design and activate a great Technology strategy for your organisation, drawn from my 15+ years of experience in designing and executing strategies across multiple organisations.
  3. Executive Coaching, I'm a qualified executive coach and mentor, I can help you navigate your role and become a more effective leader.
  4. Strategy Coaching, I can work with you to help you design and activate a successful Strategy, by combining my own experience in strategy development and my coaching expertise.

If any of these sound interesting please click the links below to register your interest.

Technology Leadership Guide - £9

This book is a guide for those who want to become and remain an effective technology leader

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How to IT Strategy course - £49

This course will help you design and activate a great IT strategy for your organisation.

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Executive Coaching

I help senior and executive leaders become more effective in their roles

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Strategy Coaching

I can work with you to help you design and activate a successful strategy

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