Sheringham Music

Sheringham Music
Sheringham Sea Front, North Norfolk, UK
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Sheringham Music Video

The final song on the album! and the final song i wrote for the North Norfolk Coast album. I knew before i started this song that i wanted it to have a real 'last song on the album' sort of vibe, i wanted to create something that builds over time and had a certain anthemic or epic quality, as the last hurrah on what has been for me an epic and multi-year project.

As with a few of the songs on this album it started with me playing around with my Microfreak finding an interesting synth sound. Once i found an interesting sound the initial, main synth part fell out, and a couple of complementary parts. I then came up with 2 complementary echo and delayed guitar parts, i really like interplay between them, they are both playing distinct parts, but they are like two halves of the same idea, panned left and right to create some space.

The main idea is repeated a lot during the song, just with new ideas added over the top so i decide to have a b section in the middle, it doesn't really go anywhere, but just provides some relief from the main idea, which then comes back in, first with the addition of some muted drums and the shimmery guitars, then I introduced a sustained distorted guitar to hint at the full-on drums and distorted guitar that kicks in for the penultimate section of the song. I loved putting together the layers of distorted guitar.

The heavy drums that kick in were something i struggled over for a while, i'd recorded the guitars first and wanted a slightly off-time feel, so playing the drums over them was a challenge, i ended up keeping slightly back on the kick, and it ended up with a slightly pausing, uneasy groove, which i've come to quite like.

Finally the song reduces down to the original synth parts and the shimmery guitar parts, before fading out.

Below is the original field recording and video that inspired the song.

Original Sheringham Field Recording Video