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Hi I'm Richard,

I'm an experienced Technology Leader/CTIO/IT Director/Consultant & Strategist. A qualified and experienced Executive Coach & Mentor, I specialise in supercharging the effectiveness of technology leaders.

I have experience coaching and mentoring:

  • Technical and Non-technical Start-up founders as they start, build and grow their organisations
  • Newly promoted executives and senior leaders as they navigate their new role
  • Career breakers and returners as they identify what they want to do next
  • Leaders that are navigating a tough time, e.g. disruption, transformation, restructure, acquisition, difficult projects/teams/bosses
  • Executive teams as they re-organise and come together as a more effective executive function



Holly, Delivery Leader and Mentor

"After a difficult merger, it was time for me to move on from my previous role. The job search stretched on longer than anticipated, taking a toll on my self-esteem. Ready to refocus with intention, I sought coaching from Richard to help me stay rooted in my values and avoid reactive decision-making.

"I emerged feeling empowered"

Richard provided the perfect balance of structure and creative exploration. Throughout the difficult transition, Richard equipped me to reframe setbacks with maturity and equipped me with long-term tools to navigate uncertainty. He challenged assumptions and normalised the ups and downs of change. Thanks to his compassionate yet focused guidance, I emerged feeling empowered in my search. 

"Work with him, and you'll be hiring your best advocate"

What set Richard apart was his ability to quickly cultivate a safe and trusting space where I felt comfortable being vulnerable and transparent about my challenges. For coaching that blends professionalism with intuitive emotional intelligence, I recommend Richard without hesitation. Work with him, and you'll be hiring your best advocate."


photo of Catherine, head of development
Catherine, Head of Development
"Richard has helped me to battle imposter syndrome and identify where i can put my skills to best use"

"When I started coaching sessions with Richard I had recently moved to a new role which was a step up in a new sector.

My coaching sessions carved out a time for me to stop and take stock. Richard has helped me to battle imposter syndrome and identify where I can put my skills to best use.

"I would highly recommend Richard to anyone"

He's a really great guy and we clicked straight away, which is so important for building trust when discussing complex subjects. He's great at putting people at ease and has been so supportive over the sessions. I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who feels they could benefit from coaching."

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