Weybourne, North Norfolk, field recording

Weybourne, North Norfolk, field recording
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The next location on my field recording project was Weybourne. East along the coast from Salthouse, Weybourne has a shingle beach, some beach machinery giving clues to a miniscule amount of sea fishing and to the east the start of some small and fastly eroding cliffs that continue on eastwards to Sheringham (our next and final location).

As mentioned in my last post, I remember Weybourne as the location of the end of a rather gruelling 2nd day walking from Old Hunstanton to Cromer a few years ago, with the seemingly endless gravel beach between Cley and Weybourne sapping our dwindling energy.

Weybourne also stick in my mind as i've read previously that during World War 2 the inhabitants of the windmill nearby were apparently German spies. I'm not sure how true these stories are, but if its of interest there some more info here and here, here, and here , I've always thought someone should do some digging in the public records and find out what happened to the supposed spies, surely if they were arrested there would be some records?

Anyway, back to the field recording. The light was still lovely but the wind wasn't conducive to much useful audio recording, tbh there isn't much useful audio captured at this location beyond the now rather boring through its availability, the sound of waves on shingle. I'm currently thinking, that i might combine a couple of locations into one piece of music, for example, Weybourne and Salthouse have so many similar characteristics from both a geographical, geological, landscape and audio perspective, the samples i'll get from both locations will be very similar. I'm also mindful that i've recorded at 15 locations and to be honest, I don't fancy making this music project a 15 song album, so i might try and cut it down to 10 by combining locations, but only where it makes sense (e.g. Weybourne and Salthouse) or it might be more if on reviewing the audio to create the samples i get particularly inspired.

The next location is the final location, Sheringham. Once i've published a blog post on Sheringham i'll then focus my attention fully on completing the first bit of music, i've currently got 5/6 on the go for different locations, but need to start focusing on just one so i can 'get it out the door' so to speak and feel like i'm making some tangible progress.