Salthouse Music

Salthouse Music
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Salthouse, North Norfolk, Music

Salthouse is a small village on the north norfolk coast road, notable for it's grazing salt marsh, saline lagoons and shingly beach.

The main sounds captured at Salthouse was a small amount of bird sound, a lot of wind noise (my furry windmuff was not up to the task), and the sound of the waves against the shingle. I started writing the music on keyboard thinking about the rhythmic in and out of the waves and came up with the rhythm and chords and sections. I then wrote the bass guitar part before moving onto guitar, I wanted to have a laid back guitar part that grew more intense as the song progressed, and then married that with samples from the waves that got more intense as the music became more intense. I'm not 100% sure why, i guess thats just what the input of the audio/video made me think about, maybe subconsciously i was thinking about the apparent gentleness of the waves on the day vs the potential power of them?

Below is the original field recording video at Salthouse, can you hear the sounds that made their way into the song?

Salthouse, North Norfolk, field recording video