You can now pre-order my 14 song North Norfolk Coast album on my Bandcamp page

I finally managed to carve out some time to head up to the North Norfolk coast and continue my long term project of visiting different locations on the coast and doing field recording. So far i’ve managed to record at Old Hunstanton, Holme Next-the-sea, Thornham, Titchwell, Brancaster, Brancaster Staithe, Burnham Overy Staithe, Holkham and Wells Next-the-sea.

My plan is that i’ll edit together the audio from the field recording and accompanying video into short videos. The next step after the videos will involve some deep trawling of the audio recorded at each site that will either be used as inspiration for, or samples in, a piece of music for each location. I’m expecting this project to take me well into next year to complete, aside from the fact that i’ve got a life to get on with, I also reckon i won’t want to record the outstanding locations over winter, so probably won’t be able to continue my field recording until Spring. Regardless, i’ve got a lot of editing to do and lots of music to write for the locations i have visited so far.

Holme Next-the-sea field recording