Holkham field recording music

Holkham field recording music
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Holkham music video

I really enjoyed writing this piece of music. The song starts with a Microfreak synth patch playing an intro part with a mixture of bird sounds from field recording, before transitioning to a piano playing the same part.

I decided to use a patchwork of different sounds that subtly change through the song, that marry up with the prevaricatory journey across holkham beach and bay that is recorded in the video e.g. when we get nearer the sea the sea sounds i captured take prominence, whereas when the footage is nearer the woods the bird noise is more dominant.

The majority of the music is a piano and a number of different string sample instruments. I'm really quite please with how the last segment of the song builds over the ponderous final piano part, and i love that i timed this in on the video with the horse looking out to sea (and i think being encouraged to get its hooves wet).

Here is the original field recording video, can you hear the noises that made their way into the music?

Original field recording, can you hear the sounds that made their way into the piece of music?