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I managed to get to Burnham Overy Staithe around about ‘golden hour’ and as a result am pretty pleased with some of the video where the light reflecting off the water around the moored boats. I inadvertently picked up quite a bit of audio of a group of elderly ladies getting a water taxi to somewhere (i don’t know where).

I had another interesting conversation with an intrigued stranger. She engaged me in conversation after dropping a bucket of empty cockle shells into the staithe, that turned out to have been the leftovers from her lunch. I explained what i was doing and her eyes lit up and started describing a composer who had gone to Africa, recorded animal and tribal sounds and then composed pieces of music using the sounds, she said she’d been in the choir and helped perform them at Royal Festival Hall, she seemed like a fascinating woman with a rich and interesting past. I did remember and loo up the composers name she mentioned, but i’ve since forgotten.

It’s been a funny thing to reflect on that a very personal, individual activity, hanging around on the coast of Norfolk with headphones on and a recording device and an iPhone on a tripod has actually sparked some really interesting social interactions. I wouldn’t have had those conversations normally, i guess doing something different triggers these interactions.

Burnham Overy Staithe field recording