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In contrast to the desolate nature of Brancaster beach, Brancaster Staithe had a lot more activity, whether it was the noisy gulls or the persistent tinny wheeze of someone inflated their stand-up paddleboard. I’m pleased with some of the footage I got of the boats on the water. As with several of the previous locations i think using the sound sources i recorded here will be challenging when I get to making the piece of music for this location, i’m imagining some hard manipulation of the gull and inflation sounds might be called for.

This location was also one where i had one of the several interesting conversations with people who were curious why i was standing next to a tripod with headphones on. A wax-jacketed young englishman who lives in Taiwan was very intrigued and I spent some time explaining what i was doing and why and the equipment i was using, he talked of wanting to do something similar recording the wildlife in Taiwan, which sounds pretty cool and probably more diverse than the resident wildlife of North Norfolk!

Brancaster Staithe field recording